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Spheres is a non-euclidian walking simulator. That is, a video game in which the only interaction is moving around, where you have nothing to beat or achieve, and that takes place in a non-euclidean space.

Spheres is another attempt at orchestrating multiple worlds together. Here, each world encapsulates the next one and is encapsulated in the previous one, like russian dolls. The only difference being that there is no biggest or smallest one : they are all nested into each other, looping infinitely. The viewer has to find secret doors to navigate from one world to another, diving into an ever-ending zooming loop.

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[ Update 21/3/19 : Fixed the mouse cursor issue, fixed a couple of colliders issues, fixed little visual glitches. ]

[Update 21/3/10 : Added a mute audio button in the pause menu]

[Update 21/4/10: Added an "invert mouse vertical" in the pause menu]

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It looks very cool, would you consider posting a Mac version? I'd love to try tour game!

My favorite room is the gold yellow one with all the pillars around it.


how many times do i need to say linux, please

That was beautiful Benjamin ! And loved the humming soundtrack !

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Enjoyed the visual style quite a bit! Unfortunately dampened slightly because I couldn't find the ability to invert mouse-y, but it was intriguing enough that I persisted anyway!

I added an option to invert mouse-y! Do not hesitate to try it again ;)

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Well with that response it's the least I could do. What a world of difference for me. Really dug the experience. Gave me aesthetic vibes somewhere between Proteus and Manifold Garden. Good work! Also, I really like the gradual decrease in size of the player. Really nice effect.

Deleted 2 years ago

No worries! It is made in Unity :)

Very nice walk, thank you! 

The character's eye level is too low for my taste. In the second sphere, I feel like a small animal in the grass.

Anyway, I liked it :)

Does not really feel non-Euclidean, more like a Euclidean space with portals (a completely different thing than non-Euclidean geometry). Still beautiful!

I wonder how it would look if you projected this to actual non-Euclidean geometry (probably S2xE) with non-Euclidean rendering and physics. (Something like the video below)

you're looking from the wrong perspective if all you see here are portals, in the hat room you can see everything resize around you as you get closer to the dome

Haha indeed, these are not portal but actual doors! Is the world "resizing" or are you changing size like Alice to pass though various sized doors?...

But yeah the non-euclidian part is more about the whole world looping on itself ;)


We have worlds looping on itself since Pacman and Asteroids though... at some point somebody started calling that "non-Euclidean" and that stuck, while it is something completely different.


I have explored the hat room again, and I still do not see this TBH... all the parallax effects look Euclidean.


i hate the sounds

Taking this as a suggestion, I added a mute audio button.


Thank you for your comments :) Update : fixed mouse cursor issue + a couple of colliders and visual glitches.

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Kind of hard to play. For some reason my cursor stayed on screen the entire time and the game just tracked it based on where it was on the monitor. Not fun. Beautiful, though.

Update: Very beautiful, calming, and interesting. I love non-Euclidian spaces and this game is done very well. The secret doors aren't that difficult to find, and most of the places you enter aren't big, so don't worry too much about getting lost or not being able to figure out where to go. Just wander around and enjoy the visuals. Don't worry about not being able to come back to a place you like. You'll have an opportunity.

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It is fixed now! Please have a new try, and I would love if you let me know how it is going now :)

Edit: thanks for nice feedback :)

best walking simulater it's a sort of wonderful art! 

Amazing aesthetic.

Thank you !!!