A downloadable RandomAcessCharacter for Windows and macOS

Random Access Character is a procedural character generator.

It lets you generate an infinite number of different characters, made from various objects and textures.  Morphology, colors, movements, patterns are mixed together to create a unique blend and generate a unique character every time.

You can save an animated GIF of your favorite find, that will be automatically upoaded to imgur. You can then share your encounter to the world !

Over time, this project create an over extending online collaborative gallery, consisting of all the gif created by all the users:

You can check all the created GIFs at : https://imgur.com/a/Bqgbo

There are currently more than 6400 gifs uploaded by hundreds of users.


prosthetic knowledge


rock paper shotgun

alpha beta gamer

the awesomer


A experiment by GLKT : http://www.glkitty.com/ made for procjam 2017. Follow @_glkt

Thanks you very much to Thomas Hourdel for the GIF creation utility, and to Vitam for Imgur upload code :)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Tags3D, art, Colorful, Experimental, Funny, generative, Procedural Generation


RandomeAccessCharacter_WIN.zip 20 MB
RandomAccessCharacter.zip 22 MB


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Great how the walks vary between characters!

Fascinating how the gait/walk is different for each character!

This is great! I would be interested in seeing the code if you plan on releasing it someday. Maybe that would make a good Unity plugin actually.

This is super nice! I love it.

Thank you SO much for this. Truly remarkable, and something I always wanted even though I never quite knew it. Fantastic! :O

Thank you for your feedback! I'll have to investigate further into that. Will try to fix the linux version asap....

Thank you for making and sharing thing - I love it! Just as an FYI - this runs just fine on my windows machine, but it fails half way on Linux (it gets until the white screen but then nothing is showing except for "press space to export a gif").