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BiDUL is a unique exploration game created by GL.Kitty during Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016.

This game use a custom controller.

Landed on a far-away planet, you have to learn how to make BiDUL walk, fly, and avoid traps... Unravell hidden secrets scattered around multiples environments and survive the harshness of alien landscapes. Your dexterity and your sense of exploration will be needed !

How to play:

The controller has two joysticks on its sides, each one controlling one leg of the robot. The top joystick control the jetpack. All movements are physic based, reacting accurately to player input.

Features :

- Vast landscapes to explore, including steep hills, deep caves, and hidden secrets to discover.

- Physic based movements, reacting accurately to the player input. (Raise the joysticks to stride over rocks, pull it to stretch the leg over a gap, etc.).

- Mines and traps (be carefull and use dexterity !)

- Gather cristals to regain full health.

- Jetpack to reach highest places (jetpack autonomy : 10 seconds, stay on ground to refill)

- Colorful art style.

- 20-30 minutes of gameplay, perfect for exhibitons. Childrens seems to love it.

Plans for the future :

- Remake the controller with new joysticks for a more reliable input and a more "professional" look.

- Continue to improve the physic system for a better experience.

- More environments, more interesting places to visit

- A storyline and puzzles ?

Credits :

Game design, code, art - Ben Vedrenne aka GL.Kitty

Electronics - Jonathan Giroux

The controller is made from three old joysticks, wood, and an arduino board to gather analog joystick inputs and buttons.

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